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What does Collectery do?

Collectery helps visual artists sell prints of their work through Instagram.

You’ve worked hard to gain followers who are interested in your work, but its hard for them to buy it. We enable them to purchase prints from you easily and without taking any of your time.


We accept orders directly from Instagram and handle the transaction, printing, and shipping.

The buyer chooses from a refined menu of mounting options and sizes which you can control. Instead of handling individual orders, you stay out there creating more beautiful photography.

Why try Collectery?

Collectery is the simplest path for someone looking at a photo on Instagram to purchase it.

Collectery allows someone on your page to quickly purchase artwork and not just swipe past their favorite photo never to see it again.

When a prospective buyer has to email you its too slow. When they have to link out to a website they risk not following through or finding something else. With Collectery they simply DM us what they are looking at and receive a link directly to select printing options and sizes. No other photos or offers distracting them en route.

As for you, spending time emailing back and forth with unclear purchase inquiries, processing orders, taking payment, paying credit card fees, custom printing each piece, shipping fragile artwork, or paying signup fees to a website makes selling prints just not as worth doing.

Try something better. 

Why use Collectery?

  • Joining and selling is FREE. We show you the costs of printing. You set your own prices and we handle the rest. You keep 80% of the profit. Simple and transparent.

  • We don't use up your one sacred Instagram link. You can still use it for your portfolio site, your cause, or not at all if your bio looks cleaner without it.

  • We enable you to sell directly to your Instagram followers. You’ve worked hard to gain them, and we already know they like your work. Don't send them off to some website where they get lost.

  • We are designed with a respect for photography as art first, and a sellable item second. We don’t let buyers crop your work, and we definitely don’t sell prints on mousepads.

  • We give photographers full control. We’re just here to make selling your work easier and more productive. With Collectery you sell only what you want, when you want, and set your own prices.

  • We’re in this together. Like a gallery representing you, we only make money when you make money. We’re eager to chat with you any time to work on what we can achieve together.

With no upfront or hidden costs, and just 1 minute to sign up, why not see if we can help you?


      If you have any questions, please contact us at collectery@collectery.com 






    Wait, what if I'm not on Instagram?

    What if I don't want to sell prints quite yet?